Terms Of Service:

At JackGames Development, we want to make sure that our Discord Bots are enjoyable for all. Therefore, we set out some rules and "Terms of Service" for using our bot. If you disagree with any of the terms, then we recommend you stop using the bot in your server.

  1. By using the bot, you agree to follow the Discord Terms of Service (https://discord.com/terms), and not attempt to use our bot for any activities which may break the Discord Terms of Service.

  2. By using the bot, you agree to not attempt to damage or negatively impact the operation of the bot. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Trying to rate-limit the bot through spamming.

    2. Attempting to crash or exploit bugs in the bot.

      1. If you find a bug, do not continue to exploit the bug, but instead please report it to us via our support server - https://discord.gg/2vftFzNAkW

    3. Trying to gain access to commands or functions that you should not have access to.

    4. Attempting to ruin the bot experience for other users.

  3. By using the bot, you agree to us storing some data on your Server ID, #make-a-ticket channel ID, @TicketSupport role ID, and open ticket IDs.

    1. This data can be removed at any time, by first closing all open tickets with -close, and then typing -unsetup. More details are available near the bottom of the Privacy Policy page - https://eztickets.jackgames.net/privacy-policy

This list is not exhaustive, use common sense when using the bot. If an action appears to not be in the best interests of the bot, yet is not on this list, it may still negatively impact the bot.

If you have any questions, or want to report a possible violation of our Terms of Service, then please open a ticket via our Support Server - https://discord.gg/2vftFzNAkW - or email jack@jackgames.net

If you need help with anything, ask in our support server! https://discord.gg/2vftFzNAkW