Privacy Policy:

At JackGames Development, we understand the importance of keeping user privacy safe. Therefore, we have set out how we maintain user privacy when using EzTickets.

  1. Once the bot has been set up in a server via the -setup command, we have to store some necessary information in order to allow for the bot to function correctly. The following data is what we store:

    1. The server ID that the bot has been set up in.

    2. The channel ID for the #make-a-ticket channel.

    3. The role ID for the @TicketSupport role.

    4. The channel IDs of any currently open tickets.

  2. The above data must be stored to allow the bot to carry out its functions. If you disagree with any of this being stored, you must follow the "Removing Data" instructions at the bottom of this page.

  3. At JackGames Development, to allow for user anonymity, we do not collect any personal information from users. We also do not collect Discord Usernames, Discord User ID's, or any other information associated with your Discord account (except for checking whether or not you have the @TicketSupport role when attempting to -close a ticket).

  4. We understand that you want to be reassured that the server information we store (detailed above) is private. We store data with a reputable database provider, MongoDB ( The database is secured with a strong password, as well as 2fa (two factor authentication) accessible only by Jack (Developer of EzTickets). We do not share this information with anybody else, unless requested to do so legally, or by the official Discord Support Team.

    1. If you wish to know more about the MongoDB Privacy Policy, you can read it here -

  5. The bot is hosted using a hosting provider called SparkedHost ( Jack's (the developer of EzTickets) account on SparkedHost is secured with 2fa (two factor authentication) and a strong password!

    1. You can read SparkedHost's Privacy Policy here -

  6. The code for the bot is stored on Microsoft's GitHub (, secured with 2fa (two factor authentication) and a strong password to ensure only Jack is able to access and edit it.

  7. The developer of this bot, Jack, uses 2fa (two factor authentication) and a strong password on his Discord account, to ensure that only he can access the Discord Developer Portal page for EzTickets.

  8. The bot does not store information on individual users who run commands, or who has opened a ticket.

  9. We also do not read or access any messages sent inside your server, except for those sent in the #make-a-ticket channel. Messages sent in the #make-a-ticket channel are run through the code privately, and the developer of EzTickets does not see or have access to this message at all, and once the ticket is succesfully opened, the code no longer stores a copy of the message either.

  10. When running the -setup or -unsetup commands, the bot will quickly check your permissions in the server, to see if you have the necessary permissions to allow you to run the command. This information is also not accessible to the developer of EzTickets, and is only temporarily stored in the code to allow for the successful operation of the command. Once the command is complete, neither the code or the developer can view information about who ran the command, or what permissions they had.

  11. When running the -close command in a ticket, we will also briefly check if the user running the command has the @TicketSupport role. Again, this information is only held in the code temporarily, until the command is complete, and is not accessible by the developer of EzTickets.

Removing Data:

If you decide that you no longer want the bot to store this information about your server (@TicketSupport role ID, #make-a-ticket channel ID, open ticket channel ID's, and Guild ID), then you can remove all the data yourself in a simple way.

  1. Close any open tickets with the -close command (this ensures that none of their channel IDs are stored in the database anymore, as closed ticket channel IDs are automatically deleted from our database instantly).

  2. Run the -unsetup command (this will remove the information on Guild ID, #make-a-ticket channel ID, and @TicketSupport role ID).

  3. Kick the bot from your server (optional, as the bot merely being in your server, unsetup, doesn't actually store any information about your server)

If you need help with anything, ask in our support server!