Instructions on using the bot:

Step 1: Invite the bot to your server here. Make sure you allow it all the perms pre-selected, as otherwise, it may have issues with carrying out the functions.

For details on why it needs each of these perms, and why it can't function without them, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Once the bot has been added to your server, run the -setup command. The bot will then create a channel called make-a-ticket, and a role called TicketSupport.

Step 3: Give the TicketSupport role to anyone who you wish to be able to see and help people in tickets.

Step 4: To make a ticket, a user should head to #make-a-ticket and type their question. The question will then be deleted, and a ticket channel will be created for their question, which the user and TicketSupport can see.

Step 5: Once you have finished helping the user, just type -close and the ticket will be closed. Only people with the TicketSupport role can use -close

Step 6: If you have any issues with the bot (or if you accidentally delete the make-a-ticket channel/message or delete the TicketSupport role), then type -unsetup, wait a moment, and then type -setup again.

Step 7: If the bot doesn't appear to be making the roles/channel, or if it isn't correctly making tickets, make sure that you have given the bot the following permissions (these should have been auto-selected when you invited the bot, but in case you didn't allow them all/modified them, check it has these perms):

If you still have any issues or questions after reading this, feel free to join our support server at or email