About EZ Tickets!

Hey everyone - Jack here. I'm the sole developer of Ez Tickets which, at the time of writing, is in about 200 servers (🎉)!

I'm from the United Kingdom, and I first got into developing Discord bots back in 2020, during the Coronavirus lockdown. From then, my passion for coding Discord bots grew and grew, leading me to create many different projects.

Although I used to make lots of private bots, such as for my own Discord server, or for friends, I knew I wanted to create public bots that other people could benefit from:

My first ever public bot was known as Log Bot (imaginative, I know). It was very basic, and was basically designed to create .txt logs of Discord text channels, which the log requester could download. It was pretty shabbily made, and didn't even use a role-ID based verification system to determine who could download logs - it just used the name of a role, which would make the bot stop working if it was changed. It was made pretty hastily, wasn't brilliant, and didn't really make its way into many servers - it never got verified.

However, a few months after I shut down Log Bot, I decided to make a ticket support bot. I'd already made a few private ticket support bots, which I'd coded specifically for the servers they were in (so no user-side customization or set-up, as I did it all manually in the code). Using this knowledge, I modified my private bot code to create a public ticket bot, hooked up to a database to allow it to run in many different servers at the same time, with different options saved for each server (such as the permitted role and the ticket creation channel).

When creating Ez Tickets, I decided that the way I would make it different from the others would be by making it super simple. It's not because I couldn't do anything better - for the private bot I coded for my server, the ticket system has lots of special features, including transcripts being sent to the user and a log channel, DM'ing the user if they don't respond to staff, allowing my staff to assign and claim the ticket to themself, or bumping the ticket to the admin team and making it only viewable to senior staff. However, I decided that there were loads of popular bots out there that already have tons of customisable features - so I decided to do the exact opposite for Ez Tickets.

I proudly made it so that Ez Tickets could be set up in just one simple command: "-setup". This meant that it could be added to a server and be fully functional within about 10 seconds, and was self-explanatory as to how it worked.

Even today, despite multiple requests to add customisable features to Ez Tickets, I've decided not to. I want to keep it the same experience, without adding more customisable options. And despite some complaints about how basic the bot is, for a lot of people I find that this is exactly what they want - they're not fussed for lots of customisation or confusing configurations, and prefer the simplistic features of Ez Tickets.

Today, I'm so proud of how far the bot has gone, including becoming verified and passing the milestone of 200 servers. And I'm happy to say that I have no intentions of changing how the bot works - it will remain super simple for all of you who like it that way, and I hope to see it continue to grow!

Thanks for the support everybody, and don't forget to add Ez Tickets to your own server below, or join the Ez Tickets support server if you have any questions or want to be kept updated on bot maintenance and downtime, etc...

~ Jack ❤️